How to travel safely in this second wave of Pandemic…. or not?

Travelling got resumed a while back for a few months and everything was getting normal like before. But again we are seeing a huge rise in the number of coronavirus cases every day. And at this moment, the entire process of traveling is becoming tedious but with the right precautions and following all the safety rules and guidelines, one can travel. Some people are traveling for professional reasons while some are traveling for emergency or personal reasons. Till now, the lockdown has been imposed in many states in our country, but still, the airlines and railway services are available for the citizens. 

Places like UK, UAE, US, Canada, Thailand, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Oman, Israel, France, Singapore, Australia, Spain, Malawi, Netherlands, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Belgium have banned Indian tourists for now.

Citizens need to be cautious and responsible while traveling and follow a few other rules for safe travel at this time. Here is a list of rules and guidelines you need to follow and keep in mind while traveling-

Stay aware of the myths and facts

Most of the information that we are getting every day is fake. This fake news creates a state of panic among everyone and it is necessary to know the facts. You might hear a lot from a lot of people while traveling to a place but the best advice is to research everything yourself only from verified sources. 

Negative Coronavirus Report

People who are traveling to different places should do a mandatory covid test. The test should be done within 72 hours before the journey and the report needs to be negative. Even if you have been tested positive but asymptomatic, do not travel and stay quarantined for 14 days.

Keep the necessities with you

Once you step outside of your house, make sure to wear your mask till you reach your destination and enter your room. Also, carry a sanitizer always and keep sanitizing your hands after coming in touch with something. And also sanitize the places before sitting on them.

Do not carry unnecessary things/ luggage

You should wash and sanitize everything that you are taking with you for traveling. So do not carry unnecessary things as it will make your bags heavier and you need to wash them without even using them.

International tourists should be quarantined

International tourists should be quarantined for at least 7 days. After quarantining and following all the guidelines, they can start traveling wearing masks. 

People need to understand the situation we are going through and be serious and cautious about it. We cannot stop traveling abruptly as it will harm the travel industry in a very bad way. All we need to do is follow all the precautionary measures and stay safe and healthy. 

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