How to look expensive on a budget

Everyone wants to look elegant and fashionable and feel confident in whatever they wear. Firstly, it creates a good impression on the person in front of us and also it makes us feel good about ourselves and we feel more positive and optimistic about ourselves. Secondly, the sense of assurance and optimism in ourselves is much important than other’s thoughts about us. And to look proper and expensive does not always create a hole in your pockets because at the end of the day how you style your outfits is more important than the brands you choose to wear. 

Just because you are not rich, does not mean that you cannot dress up properly and look expensive. All you need is some basics, proper color clothes, minimal accessories and shoes in your wardrobe, and some simple tips and tricks to implement all these daily. And if you are someone who wants to know the tips and tricks about this then you have come to the right place. Start doing these today to upgrade your style and wardrobe. 

  1. Use an iron or a steamer

However pretty your outfits look, if it is full of wrinkles and creases it won’t look good as a whole. So always iron or steam your clothes before wearing them. Properly ironed outfits look more classy and add lots o elegance to your whole look.

2. Wear well-fit clothes

Make sure to wear well-fit outfits always. Before adding anything to your wardrobe make sure that those are not too loose or too tight. Too loose outfits will make you look lousy and unattractive. Too tight outfits will make you look very clumsy and not proper. It is very important to wear a well-fitted outfit because it enhances your strengths and beauty. Before buying your outfits, make sure to trial them. If you are shopping online, make sure you check the size measurements and match them according to yours. 

3. Simple Styling

Do not overboard your look with everything you have. Try to style simply and subtly. Avoid wearing lots of jewellery and accessories. Wear minimal accessories. If you are attending any wedding or any function, then you can add one heavy piece of jewellery like your earring and keep everything else very minimal and subtle. Do not add lots of embellishments to your whole look. 

4. Add some basics and staples

Add a few basics to your wardrobe for an effortless look. Try out a few trending pieces too if you want to look the most fashionable out of all. 

Few basics for women are-

  • A pair of Denim
  • White T-Shirt
  • Trench Coat
  • Skirt
  • A pair of Pants
  • Statement Top
  • Black Boots/ Pumps
  • White Sneakers
  • A pair of Flats

Few basics for men are-

  • A White Shirt
  • A pair of Denim (preferably blue)
  • A good quality Blazer 
  • A White T-Shirt
  • A pair of Boots
  • A pair of Formal Shoes

5. Color Adjustments

A proper balance and contrast in color add a whole charm to your whole look. Do not wear tops, bottoms, shoes, handbags all together in bright colors. If your outfit (either top or bottom) is in a bright color, then opt for a nude or light-colored pair of shoes. Always try to wear shoes and bags of the same color. Avoid wearing colorful jeans because these are not in trend anymore and also these do not look good at all. Try wearing shoes of black, white, nude, or beige colors. 

Try to mix and match with different colors for different looks and outfit options. If you are confused about matching the colors properly, then start with solid colors. When in doubt, wear black, red, blue, and whites.

6. Wear Quality Fabrics

One key element of expensive clothing is wearing outfits made of “Quality Fabrics”. Investing in something of good fabric might cost you more than one of cheaper quality but it will surely last much longer than the cheaper ones. Also, the good fabric outfits will add that classy eel to your whole look. Always try to add natural fibers like cotton and silk to your wardrobe.

7. Accessories

Try to invest in your accessories. You do not have to invest a lot. Buy a maximum of 4-5 pieces which are like your signature statement pieces and match most of your wardrobe. Try to wear a golden minimal neckpiece or a choker, add a pair of hoops and a dainty watch. And if you are wearing a silver neckpiece then go for silver hoops because of the color combination. Do not go overboard with lots of accessories. Style it minimally and you are good to go.

8. Look into Details

A proper piece of clothing with nice details implies its cost and quality. A very expensive shirt can look very awful if one of its buttons is missing. So it is very important to look into the details. Before wearing any outfit, check if it has any loose threads, missing buttons, cuts, holes, or stains. 

You should not only be focusing on the details of the outfits, you also need to focus on your personal hygiene and grooming. 

  • Make sure that your hair is nicely tied. Do not use heating tools until necessary.
  • No one likes bad breath. You might look the best but once you start talking and if there is bad breath then it can create a wrong impression. It is better to brush and floss properly.
  • Chapped nails is a big NO-NO. Do not chew your nails. Keeps your nails in proper shape and do avoid applying bright nail paints. Stick to subtle and minimal colors.
  • Do not overboard with makeup. Apply the basics and minimum on your face and most importantly try to seal it with a setting spray. 

Now you are familiar with everything that you need to do to upgrade your wardrobe for the expensive looks on a budget. Try everything according to your preferences and you are ready to rock your looks.

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