10 must-have Fashion Items

Hi everyone! Looking fashionable may seem to be difficult at times but if you own some basic fashion items and know the tips and tricks then it becomes the easiest to look classic, chic, and fashionable at the same time. And for this, you do not need to burn a hole in your pocket. All you need is a perfect wardrobe with the most minimal and basic fashion must-have items.

Statement Top

The easiest option to look chic and fashionable is wearing a statement top. Statement tops are basically stylish tops with statement sleeves or any not-so-common design. Sometimes the tops are made up of contrasting fabric, sometimes designs like ruffles and flares are added. Statement tops generally have a very unique shape of their sleeves having extra volume or extra length. All you need to do is throw a statement top with a skirt or pair of pants or jeans and wear the right accessories. Trust me a statement top can totally change your look from really basic to extraordinary.

A pair of Denim/ Jeans

Finding out of perfect pair of jeans is a task. But once you get hold of it you can parrot up with anything and everything you want. A pair of jeans can be worn for everything and everywhere. There are different kinds of jeans available in the market these days. Boyfriend jeans mum jeans ladies jeans boot-cut jeans and the list continues. Find the perfect pair of jeans and wear them with anything and everything of your choice. Jeans can be worn with different kinds of tops or kurtis. You can wear jeans for every occasion if you know how to pair them up properly.

A pair of pants

Cargos, cigarette pants, palazzo pants solid color pants, fly pants, etc are so much in trend these days. These pants look extremely fashionable and they are all so much comfortable than a pair of jeans. If you are searching for something different because you do not like to wear jeans then you should totally try one of these pants. They have hundreds of options to choose from. They have details like pleats, chains, and most importantly pockets. These details make these pants a great option to stop wearing jeans.


Do you want an effortless girly look? Go and grab your favorite skirt.          As days pass by, variants in skirts also increase. Today you have flared skirts, pleated skirts, tennis skirts, A-line skirts, slit skirts, and the list continues. Instagram, celebrities, bloggers, Pinterest is filled with girls and women rocking in all these skirts.


Kurti should be a staple in every women’s wardrobe. A Kurti can be worn in formal events, a function, and everywhere. And with the arrival of the summer season, the most comfortable and light-weight piece of clothing is a kurti. Choose a kurti of your choice from the thousands of designs and styles and add it to your list of must haves.


Do you know that only one piece of clothing is enough to dazzle you up everywhere?                                                                                                                    Yes, you heard me right. A dress is a goo-to-g- i=option or casual looks, formal look, family functions, parties, and whatnot. Choose the right dress for that very occasion and you are perfectly ready to rock your look.        


Pinterest and Instagram are full of these golden hopes and golden-layered necklaces. They have been trending for so many days due to obvious reasons. These accessories elevate your look to another level. Wear a basic white t-shirt with a pair of jeans and add a pair of hoops and a necklace. I can vouch for you that it will look very classy, chic, and presentable. You can also wear a dainty gold bracelet and a very minimal golden watch. These tiny gold elements in your whole outfit will sparkle up and give you a completely satisfied look.

Black Boot

A Black Boot is a staple in every girl’s shoe collection. A very basic option to wear with most of the outfits. These are also comfortable yet chic options to pair something up with.

Comfortable Heels

Since I have mentioned shoes, I should also include block heels as a fashion statement. There are many women out there who prefer to not wear heels because they are super uncomfortable. But sometimes a heel can totally elevate a look from nothing to something pretty. For such instances, one can always wear a pair of block heels or a pair of heeled sandals with slingback. Block heels and heeled sandals with slingback are very comfortable and they won’t prick you while walking and it will give you are very stylish, chic, and fashionable look.

So these are all the outfits, accessories, and shoes that I like to have for a perfect wardrobe and a put-together look. And if you liked these options then you can also try these out.


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